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Beaverbrooks - Ecommerce Website Design - Case Study

Written by Barry Briggs / Date: 10/05/2010


This was a research, definition, design and build project working with 3rd party integration partners. My work involved competitor research, creating user journeys, a detailed sitemap, a set of process flow diagrams documenting the user's flow through the system, and a set of fully annotated wireframes.


Beaverbrooks are a UK high-street jewellers founded in 1919, with approximately 70 stores nationwide. They approached Code Computerlove to redesign and re-architect their ecommerce website in order to improve brand perception through good design and usability, and increase the conversion rates for jewellery sales and jewellery protection (insurance).

Research and Definition

Prior user research was made available to me in the form of a set of detailed personas and a detailed technical specification. I was tasked with combining these elements with best practice techniques and findings gleaned from my own competitor research in order to define the new site.

As part of this definition I produced a set of user journeys to satisfy the personas & scenarios, which fed into the creation of a site map and a set of process flow diagrams. From there a set of interactive wireframes were produced that defined the site structure, key page layouts and any interactive elements on the site, such as refining search results and adding products to the shopping basket.

Tools Used

I used Microsoft Powerpoint to create the expert reviews, competitor analysis, personas and scenarios, and Microsoft Visio to document the sitemaps and process flows. The interactive wireframes were produced using Axure RP Pro and annotated using Axure's built-in annotation functionality.

Working with 3rd parties

Code Computerlove's developers created the HTML page templates, which where then handed to a 3rd party for integration into the site's infrastructure, with the process flows and wireframes I produced being used as a reference.

Working with 3rd parties always has its challenges, and supporting annotations, documentation and rationale are critical aspects of any handover. This project was documented thoroughly in order to ensure a smooth handover.